Our history as the only charity in Canada dedicated exclusively to dental hygiene research and education dates back to 1969. The foundation grew as a series of transitions that evolved into a sharp focus on driving dental hygiene specific research to advance the profession, its body of knowledge, and improved oral health outcomes for the public.


Key milestones in our history

The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) established a Scholarship Fund through donations of its members. Designed to drive education and research within the Canadian dental hygiene community, the fund was originally housed within the Canadian Fund for Dental Education.


The Dentistry Canada Fund is formed when the Canadian Fund for Dental Education, the Canadian Dental Research Fund, the Canadian Dental Foundation, and several smaller funds are merged. CDHA authorized the transfer of its Scholarship Fund into a separate account with the Dentistry Canada Fund.


The scope of the original scholarship fund is expanded as the CDHA Endowment Fund for the purpose of encouraging dental hygiene education and research.


Receiving its charitable status, the Canadian Foundation for Dental Hygiene Research and Education was established as a foundation to better serve the research and educational objectives of the dental hygiene profession. The foundation launched it first fundraising event at CDHA's 15th national conference in Newfoundland, raising nearly $21,000.


The foundation began full operations and core business functions. Two innovative projects were awarded funding.


CFDHRE Presidents
2002-2009   Salme Lavigne
2009-2015 Laura Dempster
2015-2018 Pauline Imai
2018-2019 Fran Richardson
2019-Present Helen Symons