Why Give

As the only charity in Canada dedicated exclusively to dental hygiene research and education, our ability to support important advances that improve the health of people in Canada is greatly helped by the generous support of donors.

Each donation helps create more opportunities to improve oral health and advance the dental hygiene profession

Over the years, amazing dental hygiene research on a variety of topics has been funded through donations. Topics have included access to oral health care for vulnerable and marginalized populations, early childhood pediatric oral care, early detection of oral cancer and much more. Learn more about our funded projects here.

Support the special perspective of dental hygienists in oral health research

Dental hygiene brings an important perspective to oral health research. Dental hygienists are essential primary oral health care professionals who recommend and provide preventive and therapeutic clinical care, education, and health promotion to help improve oral health. As experts in oral health promotion and disease prevention, dental hygienists understand that good oral health is vital for physical and mental well-being.

That’s why at CFDHRE, we provide dental hygienists across Canada with exclusive opportunities to obtain funds for research that builds knowledge about innovative and therapeutic approaches to care in order to improve health outcomes and the client experience across the lifespan. We all gain from recognizing and investing in dental hygiene research in Canada.

Together, let's improve the oral health of all people in Canada

Stand together with dental hygiene professionals to benefit the public and promote the importance of oral health for overall health. CFDHRE is grateful to the individual dental hygienists, regulatory colleges, provincial associations, and other supporters whose generous contributions help make our vision a reality.

Giving is easy!

Donations can be made online or by cheque. Where possible, consider creating a dedicated budget that allows for a personal, organizational or business donation every year to build a long-term relationship with CFDHRE. Whether it’s $5, $20 or $500, donations from every budget count towards our annual goal of raising $10,000 to create more opportunities for supporting dental hygiene researchers in Canada. Spread the word to help us build the foundation!