2014 NEWS

Dental Hygiene Research Priorities

In 2014, through a multi-phase consensus building approach involving multiple levels of stakeholders, the CDHA Research Advisory Committee (RAC) developed dental hygiene research priorities for guiding Canadian dental hygiene researchers over the next several years.

There are three research priorities each recognized as having equal urgency: Capacity Building of the Profession, Risk Assessment and Management and Access to Care and Addressing Unmet Oral Health Needs. Specific examples of each priority are available on the CFDHRE website.

The 2015-2016 CFDHRE Grant competition was focused on these research priorities in that applicants, for the first time, were able to submit grant applications under an ‘open’ category and a new ‘restricted’ category, which required research applications to be directly related to the newly developed research priorities. Such an approach to the grant competition ensures that dental hygiene research becomes increasingly targeted to high priority areas in oral health and dental hygiene care. A description of the grant award research project is available on the website under the 2015 Award Winners.

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