2016 NEWS

The Canadian Foundation for Dental Hygiene Research and Education (CFDHRE) & the Canadian Dental Assistants’ Association (CDAA) Joint Grant Award Winner!

The CFDHRE in partnership with the CDAA is extremely pleased to announce the recipient of our first ever research grant joint venture! Congratulations are extended to the interdisciplinary research team of: Dr. Laura Dempster, DipDH, BScD(DH), MSc, PhD, Dr. Stella Ng, PhD Reg CASLPO, and Dr. Jeff Crukley PhD, FAAA, who are all affiliated with the University of Toronto. Their research proposal is entitled “Evaluation of noise levels in the work environment on dental assistants and dental hygienists hearing and wellness”. As an outcome of the rigorous peer review process conducted by an interdisciplinary team including dental hygiene, dental assisting and audiology, the CFDHRE and the CDAA are delighted to award the team $25,000 to support their research!

The Foundation, in collaboration with the CDAA, was extremely excited to offer research funding for a proposal designed to advance knowledge surrounding the impact of the dental practice environment on dental assistants’ and dental hygienists’ hearing while ensuring the successful research proposal was well aligned with the mission and goals of both the CFDHRE and the CDAA.

The CFDHRE and the CDAA were very pleased to have proposals submitted for consideration representing multidisciplinary research teams looking specifically at the impact of the workplace on dental hygienists’ and dental assistants’ health and well-being. As research funding becomes increasingly difficult to obtain, this collaboration between the CFDHRE and the CDAA, along with input from Speech-Language Audiology Canada (SAC), the CFDHRE was able to provide funding for this targeted research grant.

The CFDHRE is continually seeking support to continue to fund dental hygiene research in Canada. The Foundation is also indebted to the health care professionals who served as peer reviewers for this grant proposal review process. Through the collaboration of CFDHRE, CDAA and SAC, the Foundation is truly an example of an investment in oral health care providers, oral health care and Canadians.

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